The year 2022 started in the best way for Aya Nakamura since she became a mother for the second time. After keeping the secret warm for nine long months, the 27-year-old singer and producer Vladimir Boudnikoff finally shared their joy on social networks by announcing the birth of their baby girl. Pure happiness which obviously did not fail to delight Internet users and fans if we are to believe the many messages of congratulations. If all goes well on the personal side, Aya can also boast of having a top career.

And as you can see from the few videos above shared on Twitter, Aya Nakamura returned to the stage in a pretty incredible way. While the queen of American song Alicia Keys performed at the Accor Arena in Paris this Thursday, July 7, 2022, the spectators were pleasantly surprised to see Aya arrive! Yes, no one expected it, to say the least. Even better, the Franco-Malian artist interpreted her famous title “Djadja” which made the whole planet dance, including Alicia Keys.

Aya Nakamura back, internet users are divided

Obviously, such a presence alongside the American star delighted the spectators present on the spot who flooded the social networks with sequences of the duo. Nevertheless, some Internet users are convinced that the arrival of Aya Nakamura in the middle of a concert was not necessarily a good thing: “No, but where are we going if it continues like this??? », “They are not at the same level, never”, “Alicia Keys was a real singer, too bad”, “She disappoints me there Alicia! A diva like her! » could we read in particular. But never mind the haters, Aya just had a dream come true and that’s ultimately all that matters.


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