The first season of Away is available on Netflix, but will Emma and her team return for a season 2?

The little novelty Away has been on Netflix for a few days and after offering you our verdict, as always we are looking at a possible season 2. First of all, beware of spoilers on the end of the first season in what follows. The 10 episodes away tell the story of Emma’s journey, at the head of the Atlas mission to bring the first humans to Mars. And after a lot of suspense, unforeseen events more dangerous than the others and a few sacrifices, the crew manages to set foot on the red planet in a final season as intense as it is moving. But will we see Emma, ​​Ram, Kwesi, Lu and Mishka evolve on Mars?

The Atlas team
The Atlas team – Credit (s): netflix

On the side of Netflix, no announcement has yet confirmed the existence of season 2 of Away. But on the plot side, we already know that the door is wide open and the executive producers of the series, Jessica Goldberg and Andrew Henderaker, are well aware of it. “If the show comes back for a season 2, I’d like it to be on Mars. Part of what we promised is what the team finds out at the very end, because now we can live in a new world”. Life on Mars, Ram’s feelings for Emma, ​​Melissa’s – on Earth – feelings for Matt, Kwesi’s garden, Mishka’s blindness … There is no lack of leads and we just have to hope that we can see all of this. While waiting for news, other Netflix series are fighting to win the 2020 Series World Cup which you can vote for every day right here.


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