The 2014 Mad Titan proved he was just as strong without the Infinity Stones in Avengers Endgame, how do you explain his power?

If the heroes of Phase 4 had arrived before, the Avengers might have had less trouble wiping out Thanos. By now, the Mad Titan has proven himself to be the most formidable villain of all time, even without the Infinity Stones. But how to explain that a character without power managed to have the ascendancy over Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and other powerful superheroes of the MCU ? First, Endgame showed a younger version of Thanos, so he was enjoying Olympic form in 2014. As a bonus, we must not forget that he is the son of A’lars, an eternal. Thanos is therefore naturally strong from his origins. At the start ofInfinity war, he faced the Hulk without using the services of a Gem, although he had it in his hands at this precise moment.

Thanos – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Thanos drew his physical and mental strength from his fight. He was convinced that he was acting for the good of mankind, which is the reason why he could be so intelligent and powerful. He knew the Avengers weren’t going to sit idly by and let him win, so that motivated him to get rid of them so they didn’t threaten the successful execution of his plan. On the flip side, the Avengers could be exhausted from the Thanos bombing before the final battle ofAvengers: Endgame. The Mad Titan carefully planned his attack without any artifacts. The superheroes finally succeeded in annihilating him, in part thanks to the sacrifice of Tony Stark, a gesture filled with anger according to specialists.

Credit: Screen Rant


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