From the song Anissa in 2020, which was massively relayed on TikTok, Wejdene’s career exploded. The young woman has become not only an essential figure of RnB in France, but also an internet star. So, for the one who just turned 18 last April, the situation is not always easy to manage. If most of his followers tend to be benevolent and have a certain admiration for him, this is not the case for everyone…

Indeed, Wejdene also has to deal with comments and provocations of several haters. Lately, they have spread a rumor about the age of the singer. According to them, she would be much older than she claims. The interpreter of The best therefore had to publish a photo of her passport to justify that she had not lied her date of birth… But a few days later, this time it was a video that made Wejdene’s detractors react. We see the singer dancing in a rather sexy way, for what seems to be a clip shoot.

“I have scoliosis”: Wejdene justifies himself on his physique

Faced with these images, some Internet users did not hesitate to take on the physical of the star. “She’s grown a bit”, could we read, or “Does she have scoliosis or what? There’s no need to arch your back like that.” And it is precisely to this last comment that Wejdene wanted to respond. On her Twitter account, the singer therefore swung: “Debate closed. PS: I have had scoliosis since I was 12. Soon, we will have to present our health record here.” Fortunately, Wejdene can be reassured by reading the comments of fans who come to his defense following this rant. We therefore wish that the haters leave her a little quiet.

Who is Wejdene really? She tells her story in La Dalle

“Feuneu meant my age from the start but I didn’t want to!” You necessarily coco 👀 For the reissue of his album “16”, Wejdene tells us about his beginnings and the success that immediately went with it, at only 16 years old 🔥 Phenomenal!

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