On this June 26, 2019, Ariana Grande celebrates its 26 years. For the occasion, melty has decided to return to his greatest successes on YouTube.

Ariana Grande, who climbs this week in the Billboard 200 in the United States, celebrates its 26th birthday on June 26, 2019. If she is still very young, the singer already has a huge career behind her, since she has released five albums since 2013. But it was in 2016 that her career really exploded with Dangerous Woman, with which she multiplies the tubes, thus allowing her to embark on a great tour across the planet. Unfortunately, her dream will be shattered after the attack that occurred after one of her concerts in Manchester on May 22, 2017. After this terrible drama, she returns stronger than ever with the album Sweetener, where she pays tribute to the victims of the attack in the clip for her song “No Tears Left To Cry”. Barely six months later, she released the album Thank U, Next, and becomes number one in the United States. Better yet, it ranks three of its titles in first, second and third place on the Billboard Hot 100, equalizing a record set by the Beatles in 1964 … This is why on this very special day, melty decided to return to the greatest successes ofAriana Grande on Youtube.

“No Tears Left To Cry”

In August 2018, Ariana Grande released her fourth album entitled Sweetener and is making a comeback after the terrible Manchester bombing that occurred after one of his concerts. The video for the first single of this era, “No Tears Left To Cry”, has been viewed more than 815 million times and pays tribute to the 22 victims missing in the attack.


This song, which came out during the album era Dangerous Woman, is not on the standard album. When it was to be the lead single, it was finally replaced by the title track “Dangerous Woman”. The clip has been viewed more than 838 million times on YouTube, surely thanks to the rhythm of the melody and is one of Ariana Grande’s greatest successes.

“Break Free” feat Zedd

This sound, shared with DJ Zedd, allowed Ariana Grande’s second album, entitled My Everything and released in August 2014, to shine in the charts. On YouTube, the clip exceeded a billion views, enough to make you dizzy …

“Problem” feat Iggy Azalea

Another striking collaboration in the young woman’s repertoire is her duet with the rapper Iggy Azalea. “Problem”, released in April 2014, is the first single from his album My Everything. A phenomenal success which allowed him to reach the second step of the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and to reach 1.1 billion views on YouTube.

“Side To Side” feat Nicki Minaj

And the biggest box of Miss Grande on YouTube remains her collaboration with Nicki Minaj! The video has been viewed more than 1.5 billion times. It must be said that the two girlfriends give their all and are sexier than ever. Even today, this piece which appears on the disc Dangerous Woman, makes the whole planet dance … A real hit!


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