Will Belgian singer Angèle and her brother Roméo Elvis soon meet on a joint album? They responded.

While Miley Cyrus released the feminist clip of “Mother’s Daughter”, in France, Angèle became in a few months a real phenomenon in the music industry. His disc Brol sold more than 300,000 copies thanks in particular to the success of the song “To forget everything”, whose clip has exceeded 80 million views on YouTube, and which she shares with her brother, the rapper Romeo Elvis. For his part, everything is fine for him too, since his opus Chocolate allows him to perform on several stages in France, as recently at the Europavox festival in Clermont-Ferrand, where he was asked about a possible joint album with his sister …

Asked by the newspaper The mountain, the artist replied: “We never talked about it, but instinctively I tell you to make a record with my sister why not! It would be good”. But for his part, what does the interpreter of “Balance your what” ? A few months ago, she confided to Purebreak : “Everything is possible. I don’t plan anything in advance. It would require us to spend a lot of time together and I don’t know if we have the mental strength to support each other for a long time. Why not?”. So you will understand, the two prodigies are not against the idea although this project may not see the light of day before a good time … In the rest of the music news, who from Booba, PNL or even Maître Gims has the most platinum singles? Find out the answer on melty.


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