An emblematic candidate of 10 perfect pregnant couples, she announces the good news

An emblematic candidate of 10 perfect pregnant couples, she announces the good news

The fifth season of 10 perfect couples 5 in full swing on TFX and Romane and Anthony Matéo, who have been together since filming in Marrakech, had a little argument. But on February 14, 2022, it was a former emblematic candidate for the show who made the Web react. Remember Ingrid, who participated in the very first season. On her Instagram account, the young woman announced good news to her subscribers: she is pregnant with her first child! In the caption of two shots on which she poses with her pretty baby bump, she expressed her happiness.

“After long months of throwing up my guts, I can finally announce that your go is pregnant” she wrote with a smile before adding: “To the delight of his dad and myself, we will soon welcome a wonderful baby God willing. Thank you to my family for listening to me, accompanying and supporting me during these first months. I love you already. .. #MyBestGift.” In a few months, Ingrid will therefore become a mother and this new role should suit her perfectly.. A little surprise that made Internet users react, many of whom follow it daily.

Ingrid pregnant: Internet users react

In the comments of the publication, we can thus read: “Ohhhh congratulations my beautiful I’m happy for you”, “Ingrid you look beautiful in the picture. Pregnancy looks great on you and congratulations on the newcomer”, “Congratulations”, “But OMG!!!!!!! The most beautiful baby mama!!!!!! Congratulations and lots of love”, “Ooooh that’s beautiful. Congratulations to you”, “You look beautiful. Congratulations to you and the happy dad”, “Congratulations baby. Full of happiness, the most beautiful thing in the world”, “Congratulations. Lots of good things for your little family”, “Your pregnancy suits you very well”.

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