An emblematic ex-candidate of the Angels announced great news to his followers on his Instagram account. Sarah Martinswho appeared in season 10 of Angels, is fiancee ! A news that she hastened to announce with pretty shots in this Valentine’s Day. As a reminder, we discovered the young woman for the first time on the show The Game of Love on NRJ12. Then, she then chained in the Princes of Love season 4, before appearing in Friends Trips and finally, in several seasons of Angels and Holidays of the Angels. If we haven’t seen him since the Holidays of the Angels season 3, Sarah Martins has however come a long way since she seems to be spinning the perfect love with her darling.

Indeed, in a series of photos on her Instagram account, we see her happier and more in love than ever. She says in the caption: “Friends, I officially announce my engagement. My darling and I decided to get back together and he made me his request a few days ago❤️ We decided to celebrate it and announce it to our loved ones as well as to you on this day of love ❤️ Thank you my Love, for all the love you give me, the support you give me and the serenity you give me. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤️”. If we don’t know the identity of the groom in question, the young woman seems in any case very enamored.

Sarah Martins engaged, she receives an avalanche of messages

The announcement of Sarah Martins on his engagement has given rise to many positive messages from Internet users, but also from other reality TV contestants that she was able to meet. Especially Sarah Fraisou who declares: “Congratulations ♥️♥️♥️”or Manon Tanti and Laura Lempika, who sends all their congratulations also to the young woman. Without counting on its subscribers who also expressed their joy and enthusiasm: “Discreet relationship perfect relationship ❤️❤️”, “Congratulations you so deserve it! ❤️❤️”, “Congratulations and all the happiness possible”. Hoping that the two lovebirds continue to swim in happiness!


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