Actor Brandon Flynn, very moved, defended the end reserved for his character in 13 Reasons Why.

Attention, SPOILERS! A week after Dylan Minnette (Clay’s) recent confidences about the final scene of season 4 of 13 Reasons Why, it’s his colleague and filmmate Brandon Flynn’s turn to speak. Indeed, following the huge controversy sparked on social networks by fans, shocked and disappointed with the death of his character Justin in the series, the actor left his reserve to defend the choice of showrunner. It was during a recent interview given to the site Entertainment Weekly than Brandon Flynn, very moved, showed his full support for Brian Yorkey, while declaring that he understood the anger and the grief of the fans, that he appeared at a stage of mourning.

Justin in 13 Reasons Why

His story is so full of ups and downs that you support him. So when you get to the final scene and find out that he’s the one who dies, it’s like a real loss“he began by underlining. Before adding: “I applaud the writers for the way they handled the story because I think even seeing some people cry out in scandal is linked to the grieving process”. Then conclude: “I have had circumstances in my life where I lost someone and it made me angry at first. I think that once we get past this first stage of anger and grief, we come to understand life and sometimes life is not fairSoothing words certainly, but not sure that his words do not console the sadness of the fans so far! Also discover these inconsistencies WTF new episodes of 13 Reasons Why.



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